After going through a period of house and life cleaning, I find myself with a scattered online presence. A collection of pseudonymous accounts of dubious connection that splintered along what were intended to be subject or topic related lines. The result was a profound fracturing that was not contained to my online life alone.

And so, having neglected the old self managed presences there was a dive into trying out presence on “social media” platforms. The result of that experiment seems to have been another fracturing and splintering again, this time platform driven.

Thusly I find myself starting over with blogging in late 2022 at the age of 36. At this time, I have no plans to take anything offline that I have kept online though I will stop pretending that I may eventually revive any older projects as standalone things.

tl;dr: The boundless possibility allowed in our Information age let me complicate my online presence beyond my capacity to manage it. The needful thing to do is start over fresh, here I am.

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