Information Professional with a long freelance work history currently attached on a full time basis to a documentation role that I enjoy. I have been living in Uruguay since 2017.

Note For Recruiters: Please read the entire above paragraph to set your own expectations before approaching with unsolicited offers. In general I am more interested in limited, part time engagements I can fit in as side work unless the opportunity you are presenting is truly spectacular. However, our standards for spectacular full time engagements are likely different. Also, please approach via LinkedIn first.

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Knowledge Management and Scalable Documentation
  • Linux and Unix server administration and best practices
  • Database Administration and query optimization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Scalability and its problems, especially in extreme cases
  • Crisis Prevention


  • Master of Arts, Information Science and Learning Technology, University of Missouri
  • Graduate Coursework, Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy with minor studies in Economics and Mathematics, McKendree University